Farm Project: the family

By October 1, 2012Blog, Farm Project, Photography

Farm Project: the family

Meet the family behind our farm project! From left to right, Dad, Mom, Gordon, Warren, Nicole and their three kids, Ian, Erin and Dion. Three generations (the generation before has passed on). I am continually grateful that my two brothers chose farming as their livelihood, and that Warren found his wonderful wife Nicole to share life on the farm with him.

Although my sisters and I chose not to farm, and instead moved to the city and on to other careers, I don’t think any of us could imagine NOT having the farm to go home to. It is in our blood and in our bones — growing up on the farm shaped us into who we are. It is one of the places where we feel most centered and at peace.

From my perspective, there isn’t a better place to be a kid. It always makes me smile to see Ian, Erin and Dion doing the things that I used to when I was growing up. There is just so much freedom to run, explore, climb, bike, fish for minnows, etc. plus all of the experiences of helping out on the farm. Farm kids learn to be independent, to work and to help out, to play in their surroundings. City kids simply don’t have it the same.

Thanks family… I love you to bits.

ps. My sister Elaine took the photo above.

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