PechaKucha Wpg, Vol. 11 (recap)

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Pecha Kucha Wpg 11, presenters

Well it’s that time again… time to attempt to recap the awesomesauce that is Pecha Kucha Winnipeg. To be honest, I find it rather daunting! If you haven’t yet attended one of GDC Manitoba’s Pecha Kucha nights, I’d really encourage you to do so. It is so inspiring and such an eclectic mix of local creativity!

Last time, I tried to share a little of what each presenter spoke about, but this time, I focused on capturing one line from each. I’ve mashed it all up into one streaming line of Pecha Kucha goodness. Hopefully it’ll give you a sense. Ok… here goes!

How bad does it have to get before you do something? Of course I had to make a giant nest of my own, because we all need a nest. Electronic music is a truly esoteric form of music. Ooooh, that’s coconut with a marshmallow frosting — that’s a good one. I wish I could have trademarked this phrase because it has t-shirt material written all over it. We try to maintain a unique and highly personal business idea. The 20th of February happens to be Pecha Kucha’s birthday. What I mostly collect is skills and hobbies. I cannot stop picturing magical sausage fairies. I work in inner city schools and I never want to leave. It was a really incredible experience to attract a group of like-minded people. Give me your ideas on how we can spread love everywhere! Everyone carries a mask, but try passing that mask to someone else — let them see your world.

Vol.11/November 22, 2012 Lineup:
01. Doug Coates, designer/illustrator
02. Erika Lincoln, electronic media artist
03. Alyson Shane, MEME festival
04. Susie Parker, marketing/PR/social media strategist
05. Lisa and Sean Pointon-Reico, jewelry designers
06. Kevin Guenther, graphic designer
07. Marc Kuly, storyteller
08. Noah Erenberg, journalist
09. Stephanie Staples, author/life coach
10. Kal Barteski and GMB Chomichuk, creative partners in crime
MC. Jeope Wolfe

Last but not least, a shout out to Kevin Guenther who not only designed the 2012 Pecha Kucha Winnipeg series of posters, but also presented at Vol.11. He was my personal favourite of the night.

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