Camping (September long, 2012)

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Blog: Camping (September long, 2012)a
I went camping out at home with some good friends this past weekend. We’ve all lost track of how long we’ve been camping together, but we think it’s been since 2005 or so. At this point, they are my camping family… sometimes there is a new addition or two, but our core group remains the same. This time, there were 13 of us (including two little guys under two years old).

I could go on and on about how much these camping trips mean to me, but instead, I’ll just try to give a sense of the weekend through photos and snippets.

Hiking to the top of the hill.
Falling down the hill (big bruise, otherwise ok).
Listening to coyotes howl.
Sitting by the fire.
Eating meals together.
Building an outdoor shower.
Wandering through the rain taking photos.
Laying in the hammock.
Playing with the kids.
Visits from my family.
Watching my niece and nephews fish for minnows.
Wading in the river.
Having a wine and cheese party.
Sleeping in a tent.
Worrying over the thunderstorm.
Singing Sound of Music songs.
Chit chats with friends.
Drumming of course.

Blog: Camping (September long, 2012)b

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