It was Rob and I’s 10th anniversary earlier this summer and to celebrate, we got all dressed up (me in my wedding dress) and wandered around the Exchange District with Ian McCausland as our photographer. These are our favourites from the photo shoot.

I have to say, it was a really special way to mark the day. It was fun to have an excuse to wear my wedding dress again, and to indulge in being cheesy romantics. On our wedding day, my wonderful friend (and bridesmaid) Dian took our photos, but this time around, it was nice to hire a professional. It was also really nice not to feel rushed. On our wedding day, there was just so much going on, family and friends waiting around for us, the actual ceremony to get to, etc.

10 years into our marriage, and 15 years into our relationship, I think Rob and I would both say that the two most important things for us have been: 1) open, honest communication (even if it takes a little while to brave up and say what needs saying) and 2) giving each other space (time to be alone and time to be with friends or family). I am so very happy to have Rob in my life — he is most certainly one of my best friends. Yup, I love my man.

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