Photo club field trip 2012

By July 29, 2012Blog, Photography

This weekend, my sister and I invited members of the Winnipeg South Photo Club out to our parents place for a photography field trip (something we’ve been doing for a few years). Only three people showed up this time around, but we all had a nice time. For the photo club crowd, attractions include my parents flower garden, chatting with Mom, listening to my Dad tell stories, and exploring one of the hilly areas of Manitoba. For my sister and I, it’s just fun to introduce people to our first home.

In terms of my own photography goals for the weekend, other than focusing on our farm project (I’ll talk about that in a separate blog post), I wanted to try doing another self-portrait. I love the setting that I found (I climbed up a rickety ladder to the wood loft in that dress), but I’m not certain about the result. I like the light and the mood, but the whole thing was lacking a concept. Also I didn’t do so well on the technical front. Anyways, this is what I ended up with. Comments and critique very welcome.


  • Ian says:

    I love that shot!… Whats not to like?

  • Laurie says:

    Hi Karen, Thanks for a great Saturday last week, it was fun to jaunt around in the truck and wander around the farm. I love the photo above as well, the light is fabulous and certainly adds to the mood, my only question was if your gaze on something other than the camera would have matched the mood to a greater degree, I wish I could take a shot like that, well done.

    • Karenia says:

      It was great to have you out there Laurie! I agree, riding around the pasture in the back of a truck is always a fun time. Thanks so much for the feedback on my photo!

  • David says:

    Heya K. I wish I could’ve joined you this past weekend but alas it just wasn’t in the cards. Next time for sure.

    I think I’ve got a bit of that gut feeling towards that conceptual photo that you do. Aesthetically it’s beautiful. The light, the scene, and you all look great. There is a stark contrast between you all classed up and the gritty barn (which, I think, is what you were going for by risking dirtying up your fancy clothes). Subjectively I’m a little confused about the link between the the contrast though. But I suppose the wonder could be a good thing and draws the viewer in. I don’t know, now I’m over-thinking it!

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