Farm Project: June

I have to confess, I didn’t participate very much in the June installment of our farm project. It happened to coincide with a camping trip so although I was in the area, I wasn’t in the mood to get out of camping mode. Thankfully, my sister Elaine picked up the slack, and followed my brothers around with her camera. There are her photos and this blog post is mostly based on her notes to me (my apologies if it’s a bit short and lacking detail as a result).

It is haying season so my brother Gordie was swathing with the haybine (it compacts the swath which makes it easier to bale). To make it easier to get into one of his fields (the route goes through a pasture), Gordie also put two culverts in — one in the lane, and one in the spring.

As for Warren, he is working on installing a new scale and will be pouring the cement forms soon. His intent is to make the scale shed large enough to be able to park the semi and trailer inside during the winter. It will be approx. 65 feet long. When I was young, we had a scale located in the same place and it had an elevator built over top. On the elevator, my Dad painted the Canadian flag so Warren promises to paint the flag again when this new structure is built.

While camping, I did go for a hike through the river pasture where both Gordie and Warren’s cattle are spending their summer grazing. My friends and I came across a dead cow that we figured must have died last summer. When we asked Gordie about it though, he explained that the cow had been struck by lightning approx. three weeks ago (dying instantly). Between the coyotes, turkey vultures, flies and heat, it was already down to the bone. Craziness.

That’s all I got.

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