Solo gallery show: planning stages

This weekend I moved from daydreaming about my first solo gallery show to getting into full-out planning/design mode. There’s some pressure that comes with curating your own photography show, but there’s also a lot of creative freedom. I’m feeling so excited and inspired!

So here’s what I’ve done so far. I’ve booked space at PrairieView Gallery for June 1-8, 2012. Opening night is going to be on June 1 which lines up with First Fridays in the Exchange.

This weekend I started by short-listing all of the photos that I was considering for display. With the exception of one photo, all were taken between Jan, 2011 and Mar, 2012. Then I put together a gallery plan that included measurements for the various display areas within the gallery, the final photos that I decided on and sizes for each. I’ve requested print pricing from a few printers in town, and will make a decision on that within the next couple of weeks. Then I’ll be able to start final processing and colour correction on my images.

I’ve got a new logo design in progress (courtesy of my husband and fellow designer Robert Niedzwiecki) and a new headshot lined up (courtesy of friend and fellow photographer David Quiring).

I’ve also come up with a theme/concept for my show which will drive the design of my promotional materials (poster and postcard coming up!). I’m calling it ‘the spaces within‘ and the focus is going to be on quiet, space and solitude – both internal and external. More about that later.

So many things to do, and it’s already mid-April. 46 days and counting! I can’t wait to share my work with everyone who ends up dropping by.

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