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By March 21, 2012Blog, Photography

I realized earlier this month that I’ve developed a style for a certain genre of my photography. This isn’t the only thing that I shoot, but in looking at my nature photos, I believe there is a visual thread tying them together. Technically, all I’m doing is utilizing depth of field, but stylistically I’m playing with colour, light, composition, and I think… air.

I don’t use my tripod for this type of shot, so I’m a little more free to move and I think that results in a certain lightness to my approach (that’s the best way that I can explain it). In some of the other photography work that I do (like self-portraits or landscapes), I find that using a tripod forces me to think about the composition much more. That ultimately benefits me because I take time to really think through the shot. But for this style, I go by instinct, seeing what catches my eye as I look through the viewfinder. Often, the wind also creates an element of movement in the shots which is something I can’t control. I just have to hope for magic.

I’ve been developing this style (somewhat unknowingly) over the last couple of years, but I feel as though it is starting to sing now.

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