Bliss for the soul

By February 5, 2012Blog, Photography

I’ve spent my last couple of weeks (maybe longer?) feeling more stress than I’d like. It started off slow and innocent-like, but has been building up level by level until finally last week I broke down and cried. At work. In front of a kind almost-stranger. I don’t know who else is like this, but when I feel like I’m barely handling things, if someone goes out of their way to be nice to me (in this case asking in a very concerned voice “so how are you?”), that’s what usually causes me to spill over.

I can’t quite figure out what I’m stressed out over — honestly, life is pretty fantastic these days — but I think it’s a bunch of little things layered together. Although I really love my new job, it has been a big transition for me. I’ve settled into the new job/team quite quickly, and feel at home there… but I do miss the close friendships that I had with the design team at my last job. I’ve gotten quite busy at work too; still manageable, but hard to stop and leave it at the end of the day, to take lunches, etc. Given my background/work experience to date, I’m certainly used to putting in long hours, but I need to be careful not to fall into that habit where I am now. Life balance is important to me, and from what I understand, important to my new employer… so I need to be cognizant of that.

Other than that, I’m still challenged with a health issue that just won’t seem to go away. I feel as though I’m on the road to figuring it out, but it takes patience and time. I’ve been feeling incredibly overwhelmed by my email (the personal one)… between all of the things that I’m involved in (photo club, volunteer duties on the GDC board, early preparations for my gallery show) plus emails from my lovely friends, family, etc.), there are just so many emails to read and respond to. There’s a bunch of stuff at home that needs doing, yadi yadi blah blah blah. Really it’s just life, but it feels a touch difficult these days.

Anyways… this weekend I focused on feeding my soul. Rob & I (and a lot of other Winnipeger’s) went to see Indie Game Movie on Friday night and it was fantastic. Touching, funny, enlightening and gut-wrenching… if you get the chance, go see it please. Saturday I spent doing a whole lot of nothing, had a good long visit with my sister Shelley and lots of time with Rob & Kato. Today I went skating with my friends Ruk & Brad… from the Forks, down the Red River to the Canoe Club and back… and then went on a good long forest walk with my sister Elaine and our dogs (photos courtesy of Assiniboine Forest at sunset). As of right now, I’m feeling happy and content; rested and calm.

Upcoming awesomeness: TedX Manitoba (this Thursday) and Pecha Kucha Winnipeg Vol.9 (Feb-23).

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