Eerie waters

By January 15, 2012Blog, Photography

Today I went for a drive with my sisters up to the Lockport Dam. At this time of the year, the gates are open and we were able to get right down to the water instead of trying to shoot through the chain link fence. I love the sound of the water crashing over — there is just something about the force of it.

Visibility was quite low and the snow was falling fast and thick, blowing directly into our faces as we faced the bridge (that’s Elaine taking photos over in the bottom right). I gave up pretty quickly on trying to keep my camera dry and my lens clean, and ended up liking the moodiness that the water drops lent to the scene.

I enjoyed editing these images to pump up the dramatic quality. There is an element in the final result that reminds me of that frozen river scene in Guy Maddin’s ‘My Winnipeg‘.

More evidence of it being a strange winter… there were still a couple of Canada Geese hanging out on the open water (even though a little further down the river it was frozen enough for the ice fishers to drive out on to the ice with their trucks.

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