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By January 8, 2012Blog, Inspired By

I find myself incredibly excited and inspired by life’s possibilities these days. Barely two weeks into January and there is so much stuff going on right now that I just had to share some of it.

First, I love my new job. It is exactly the fit that I was hoping for and I’m so happy to be there. It took me a while to get to the point where I was ready to make the decision to leave my last job, but I’m so very glad that I did. I honestly feel as though a huge weight has lifted off my back. The world seems clearer somehow.

It’s 2012… and that means it’s time to start our farm project! We’ve downsized it a bit and are only going to drive out once a month (rather than once a week as originally intended), but along with the photos that our family takes on their own, it should result in a pretty great photo collection of the family farm. My sister and I are heading out in a couple of weeks to shoot January’s installment and should be right on time to see some cute baby calves.

On the GDC Manitoba front, we on the board are in the midst of a full-out planning extravaganza and have tonnes of exciting stuff planned for 2012. Eeeeeee!!!!!! You can hear all about it at our AGM on January 25th.

I also booked gallery space for my first solo gallery show (for the last one I teamed up with Jeope Wolfe to showcase our 365 projects). Once again, I’ll be taking up residence at PrairieView Gallery for a week. Opening night will be on June’s First Friday (the 1st) and the show will stay up until June 8th. I’m going to give myself until end of March to keep taking photos, and will then spend April/May pulling the show together.

And last but not least, I found out on Friday that I’m one of the selected attendees for TEDxManitoba which takes place on February 9, 2012. The event aims to bring our province’s most engaged and informed thinkers, creators and innovators together in Winnipeg – the province’s capital and the heart of the country. In hosting some of the world’s most passionate and dedicated speakers, TEDxManitoba hopes to incite both dialogue and action among attendees that will spread to every corner of the province and beyond (and yes I quoted that last bit straight from their site).

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