Week 4 Recap (31 days)

By January 7, 2012Blog, Photography

January 7th and I finally finished my 31 day Self-Portrait Challenge that was supposed to wrap at the end of December. I guess I can say that I half-completed the challenge, but definitely failed at shooting one portrait every day. I never seem to do well when I have to stick to the same theme or subject for a period of time. I get bored.

To recap the challenge though, I thought I’d share these stats:
– I had a total of 688 views on Flickr for 31 photos (not bad considering only ten of them were open for public view).
– Seven photos were taken outside, the rest inside (that might explain why I got bored).
– I ended up with two photos (#8 and #25) that I’d consider using in a gallery show, and one concept (the ribbon Christmas card) that was super fun to shoot and pull together.
– I had way more happy/good days than sad/crabby days.

Final thoughts: Next time I give myself a photo challenge, I’m going to avoid giving myself a theme. That just never seems to work out for me.

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