Weeks 2 & 3 recap (31 days)

By December 25, 2011Blog, Photography

Time for another quick recap. Yesterday I completed photo 21 of my 31 day Self-Portrait Challenge (yay!). To be honest, I can’t wait for this project to be over. For one, I’m really sick of taking photos of myself. Also, I keep skipping days because I’ve been so busy with the Christmas season… which kind of defeats the whole concept of a 31 day challenge.

However, there are just ten photos left!!! At least I’m on holidays now and will have more time to focus on this project. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get another shot or two that I can be proud of. I still need to find a place to fake levitate, and I have to get outside more and find some interesting backdrops.

Anyways, the last two weeks have not been all that great on the self-portrait front, but I did get three or four that I kind of liked (see above). I was most excited about my ribbon photo, which ended up growing into our Christmas card concept for this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, please click here for full ribbon goodness.

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