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By December 25, 2011Blog, Photography

This year, at the suggestion of my sister and fellow photographer Elaine O’Keeffe, I entered a photo contest put on by Michael Andrew (aka Michael the Maven). The 2011 photography contest had six categories: Portraits, Landscape, Sports, Animals, Abstracts/Textures and Macro and all told, there were 6,000+ entries.

The first round of cuts consisted of Michael culling down the entries to: Portraits (385), Landscape (321), Sports (123), Animals (318), Abstracts/Textures (276) and Macro (294). So we are now down from 6,000+ images to just over 1,700.

I chose to enter the Portraits, Landscape and Abstracts/Textures categories and submitted two images for each. Three of my images made it past the first round of cuts and I was left with one entry in each of the categories that I submitted to. I’m really happy to have made it even this far because the quality of photography entered was pretty stunning. You can check out the other nominees by clicking on the links above — the slideshows are pretty long so just click on the Gallery View icon (bottom right of the viewer).

My sister Elaine also made it past the first round, with two images nominated in the Landscapes category and one image each nominated to the Abstracts/Textures and Macro categories.

Wish us luck!

Update: my photos were cut after the first round but two of Elaine’s photos (the flower/bee and the winter scene) have made it through to the semi-finals!!! I’m super excited for her.

Second Update: my sister’s winter scene won 5th place!!! View the Landscape winners here.


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