Week 1 recap (31 days)

By December 11, 2011Blog, Photography

Today was Day 8 of my 31 day Self-Portrait Challenge. I’m just over a week in and figured it was time for a little recap. Funny; this challenge is progressing a lot like my 365 Day Challenge did. I like having a self-imposed assignment, and my mind is constantly buzzing with possibilities.

With the exception of Friday when I missed taking a photo entirely, I’ve been happy to take a photo each day. However the level of effort that I put in over the week ranged from total laziness to inspired wanderings through the forest. I’m gearing up to do some kind of levitation shot this month, but haven’t quite figured out where and how. Otherwise, there’s really no plan other than going day by day, seeing what idea sticks and running with it.

I haven’t included all of my Week 1 shots in the image above — just the ones that I like best. There’s two that I chose because they remind me of how I felt that day and another that I was pleased with simply because of all the snow that I threw over my head and down my neck trying to get the shot. It made me laugh. But my favorite so far was the one that I took today (the large one of me camouflaged in the trees). I call it “Hidden Amid”. Although the result in no way compares, my concept for this photo was inspired by the artist Bev Doolittle. I was absolutely fascinated by her work when I first discovered it many years ago.

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