A time of transition

By November 28, 2011Blog, Etcetera, Photography

This week is a time of transition… I’ve left my old job, and haven’t yet started my new job. It’s really nice to have the time to decompress, breathe, relax, get outside and soak in some of the change. I am loving the sensation of being free of routine and doing what feels right in the moment. I’m thinking happy thoughts about my start date, and by the time Monday rolls around, I’ll be ready.

Of course there are errands to run… I need to get the muffler fixed on my car, do some grocery shopping and buy some clothes that are suitable for a non-studio environment (no more jeans and gypsy skirts for me!). And as always, there is cooking and cleaning to do. But spread out across the week, it all seems achievable.

Most of all though, I want to allow myself time this week to simply be.

I’ve been having long afternoon naps, doing tai chi, and two days in a row now, I’ve had lovely long walks; each with a kindred spirit. On Sunday my friend David and I walked along the Assiniboine River up to The Forks, and then along the Red River up to Waterfront Drive; then over to the Exchange, through Downtown and back. The air was so crisp, and there was this eerie quiet fog over the water, snow and ice. Today, my Aunt Fenella and I wandered through the Assiniboine Forest with Kato, stopping to appreciate the details (the white layer on the tree trunks, the layers of grass/trees/sky, the small seeds on these gorgeous red shrubs) and then sat a while in one of the teepee forts.

Tomorrow I am going to take advantage of one of my goodbye gifts from The FaQtory and enjoy a few lovely hours at the Riverstone Spa at The Forks. Then home… maybe for another nap.

Yes… breathe, just breathe.

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