Foggy morning

By October 27, 2011Blog, Photography

I wake up every morning to CBC radio, and this morning after getting through the news, they moved on to the weather and traffic report… Winnipeg was covered in fog and there was lots of talk about visibility being way down on the roads. However, when I heard the word fog, I immediately thought “I have to take photos in the fog on my way to work”. So my camera and I took a 45 minute detour and went to play outside. First I stopped near Fort Gibraltor in St. Boniface and wandered along the Red River. Then I stopped at a park on Provencher. When I got back to my car, my fingers were freezing, but I was giddy and brimming over with smiles. Sometimes it is just so much fun being a photographer!


  • Nelson Linscott says:

    Lovely Karenia! I love the fog and hiking in it. The fog makes being alone a little more special. Sounds are muffled, of course vision is different and breathing the damp cool air is wonderful. It gives me one of those “happy to be alive” feelings! Great photos. Peace, Nelson from Kittery, Maine

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