Two things

By October 20, 2011Blog, Design

I’m a big fan of detail and communication; better yet, detailed communication. Perhaps it’s because of my background working as both a Creative Director and Account Manager at The FaQtory and have a solid history of handling projects start to finish (and know how a lack of detail at the start can cause unnecessary complications at the end), or perhaps it’s just because I’m a detail kind of woman. Either way, those two things always serve me, our team and our clients well.

For me, detailed communication covers everything from:

  • providing our clients with quotes that clearly outline scope;
  • writing creative briefs at the start of a project;
  • maintaining accurate production and functional specs;
  • ensuring that our design and production team has all of the necessary information;
  • documenting proofs and changes;
  • sending clear, structured emails, and…
  • last but not least, always ensuring that everyone involved in the project is kept in the loop.

Bottom line, detailed communication is what allows me to serve my clients best. And in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

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