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By October 9, 2011Blog, Inspired By, Photography

I find so many sources of inspiration in this world that I’ve decided to create a semi-regular series of blog posts to share them. My ‘Inspired By’ posts will include people or companies that inspire me creatively (like photographers, designers, artists, writers, musicians, design studios, agencies, etc.), the simple things in life that I run across and take a moment to appreciate, the people and organizations that I see doing good things, the wise souls that I’ve learned something from and so on.

I’m going to start with six photographers that I’ve discovered through Flickr. For the most part, Flickr has been a wonderful photographic community to be a part of (very occasionally you do meet Flickerites that you wish you hadn’t). I’ve made Flickr friends from all over the world, and have gotten a glimpse into their day to day lives and what inspires/motivates them. I’m constantly favoriting other people’s work because something in it grabs me. These six have done that. Now I only know as much about these photographers as they choose to share on their profile, but here goes…

Alex Stoddard
Alex is 17 years old and lives in Georgia, USA. He does a lot of self-portrait and portrait work; very conceptual and full of depth and atmosphere; almost becomes one with his environment. I can’t rave about his photography enough – just go see for yourself.
More Alex here: Flickr | Article

Brooke Shaden
Brooke is 24 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is a fine art photographer and uses layering and texture to create a painterly aesthetic. All portrait work and very conceptual – there’s always a story in her images, and usually I feel as though I’m getting a glimpse of another reality. She also holds workshops… I really hope to attend one soon.
More Brooke here: Website | Flickr | Blog | Framed Episode

Fiona Watson
Fiona is a Scotland-based artist who does printmaking, painting and digital work. What I’m most drawn to is her photographs of layered papers and objects. She creates beautiful, simple compositions; with everything placed just so.
More Fiona here: Website | Flickr

Karrah Kobus
Karrah is a conceptual portrait artist and event photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Super talented; beautiful, intriguing portrait work – lots of atmosphere and story. She really pushes herself.
More Karrah here: Flickr | Blog

俣白 (Lindbergh)
I don’t know where exactly this photographer is from because I can’t read the language, but Lindbergh does these amazing environmental portraits that seem as if they are from another generation. Black & white, textured… stunning.
More 俣白 (Lindbergh) here: Flickr

Thomas David
Thomas (known as Alucardo on Flickr) is from Grenoble, France and has amazing control with light. He shoots a variety of subjects, but it is always about the light… definitely check him out!
More Thomas here: Flickr | Getty

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