Happy Birthday Dad

By September 25, 2011Blog, Etcetera

Today, my Dad turned 80 and is younger and stronger in spirit then most of the people I know. I only hope that if and when I reach that age, that I’ll have lived such a fulfilling and purposeful life. I love you Dad.

Things my Dad (and Mom) have taught me so far…
~ If you set your mind to it, you can build anything yourself.
~ Creativity is a gift to be appreciated, nurtured and practiced.
~ Love and care for your family; spend time with them.
~ Community should be valued; help your neighbours.
~ Believe and practice what you know is right.
~ Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
~ Know your history; appreciate where you came from.
~ Be part of your natural surroundings; get outside.
~ Find space to breathe and do your own thing.
~ Respect those with wisdom; teach those without.
~ Dance, enjoy music, read, try new things; love life.
~ Hard work keeps you strong, as long as it’s fulfilling.
~ Youth has nothing to do with age.

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