Under the moonlight

By September 11, 2011Blog, Photography

Last night on my way home from Manyfest on Broadway, I was just so happy and wanted to do a self-portrait that would capture that feeling in visual form. So I stayed up late playing with my camera and a string of lights. This is the result.

I’m so happy these days… I truly am. I feel so blessed to have such beautiful spirits in my life. I have such love in my heart for my friends, my family, my husband and our sweetheart of a dog. I’m excited about all of the tai chi and drumming that I’ve been doing… and I have a lot of creative energy right now. I feel strong. It’s not to say that a few things in particular couldn’t be improved and a change in one area of my life would most certainly be welcome. But I’m happy in myself and at my core (the negatives can’t get to me there). So I feel full of peace and moonlight and I just want to say thanks to all of the special people in my life. You know who you are.

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