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By August 30, 2011Blog, Farm Project, Photography

This series of images (taken on August 20, 2011) has sparked a new project for me which I plan to officially start, with the help of my sister and fellow photographer Elaine, in January, 2012. It is hard to explain just how special these family portraits are to me – I took these as my Dad and brother were trying to decide whether they would get rained out before finishing the field of ryegrass that they were combining. You can almost hear the conversation looking at the photos.

I’m not going to go into full detail as to how exactly our farm project is going to take shape, but our goal is to drive out to the family farm (in southwest Manitoba) every month for a year, taking photos of my Mom & Dad, my oldest brother Gordon, and my brother Warren and his family as they go about their work. The project will capture a year of life on the prairie family farm, and will be one of our family keepsakes. Once the photography has been completed, I am going to design and write a book (with the family’s help of course).

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  • Laurie McPherson says:

    Karen, this is such an amazing idea! I, too, feel very privileged to have been raised on the farm. Your photos are very captivating and inspiring. I really look forward to hearing more about your project and seeing the photos and wish you much success with it. See you soon at photo club.

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