First Memories

By July 22, 2011Blog, Photography

At our 2011 Winnipeg South Photo Club field trip out to the rolling hills area of SW Manitoba, I took the opportunity to do some self-portrait exploration in an old barn on our land. The concept behind the photos was based around my first memory. This is the result.

My first memory took place in this barn. My family had gone to the river pasture for a horseback ride – my Dad riding Chipper, one of my brothers on Joe, and my Mom on Candy (with me sitting up front). It started to pour, a good heavy rainfall, so we went inside this old barn for shelter. There were two baby colts with us – Brandy and Tequila – and instead of staying inside where it was dry, they went running out to frolic in the rain. I was three.


  • Yvonne De Smet says:

    Found this Karen…..I love your stories and pictures. They are awesome and to think you came from a farm area in St. Alphonse. Proud to know you and your family.

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