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By July 15, 2011Blog, Music

Although I love music, and am a firm believer that grocery shopping, errands and driving are so much more enjoyable with good tunes in the background, I’m more likely to sit or walk in silence… just listening to the noise (or quiet) around me. I think I most enjoy live music… especially in smaller, more intimate venues (like the CYRK) or somewhere with space to move or dance (like Folk Fest or the Pyramid). Arena and stadium shows are good too… but I do hate having to stay in one place all night.

The very first concert that I went to was Yanni – I know that typically makes people laugh but I loved all of the instruments that his band played (violin, drums, etc.)… so I thought it was awesome. I asked Rob (my husband) what his first concert was and he said the Scorpions. So yes, Yanni and the Scorpions… I don’t think it could get more opposite!

Since then, there have been so many shows that I’ve been fortunate to attend… since my first year in 2005, the Winnipeg Folk Festival is a yearly event for me, with so many amazing artists to see that I can’t even begin to list them all. Then there’s the CYRK, where I’ve seen bands like The Fugitives, Scott Nolan, Peter Katz, CR Avery, Twilight Hotel and Ridley Bent and of course all of the festivals that take place in Winnipeg — Jazz Fest, Fringe Fest, Festival du Voyageur, etc. Then due to my drumming interests, I’ve seen Bruno Genero, Kalabante, Salif Keita, Ba Cissoko, our local Nafro and Batuque Percussion, as well as a number of other African bands (again, can’t list them all). I’ve also gone to the Pyramid Caberet to dance to Moses Mayes numerous times over the years (got a get a little funk in my life)… oh and I got to see Mercan Dede at the St. Norbert Ruins once. Also went with friends to see Justin Timberlake and Xavier Rudd.

Rob and I saw David Bowie back at the old arena, went to Edgefest one year (Green Day was the highlight for us), saw DJ Champion, Moby and Bran Van 2000 (in Québec), as well as our friend Pat Keenan, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bloc Party here in Winnipeg. Our friends Dean & Esther are our concert buddies… so with them we’ve seen Nine Inch Nails (twice), the Foo Fighters, U2, the White Stripes, the Tragically Hip and Coldplay.

I just have to say… thank goodness for music. I’m sure there will be many more shows and concerts in my future.

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