San Francisco

By June 24, 2011Blog, Travel

I’ve been to San Francisco, California twice now… and plan to go back there (probably more than once). There is just something about that city that grabs me. I’m happy there; connected and at peace somehow. Might have something to do with all of the walking that I do when I’m there.

The first time that I went was with my best friend Ruk – we went for a week in February, 2007 and stayed in a hostel right near downtown. It was my first time being in a hostel and I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun to meet so many people, and I liked the vibe there. I played so many games of pool that week! Ruk & I explored the city as much as we could in the week that we were there… checking out the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, exploring Union Square, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Mission District, The Haight, and probably a few more. We hung out in Golden Gate Park and rode the cable cars of course. We also happened across the Queen Mary 2… couldn’t figure out why so many people were standing on the Golden Gate Bridge but apparently that was why – what I liked most was seeing all of the sailboats that came out to greet her. I also took a ferry to Sausalito and wandered around there for an afternoon.

I went back to San Francisco in March, 2009 – this time just for a long weekend and still with my friend Ruk, but also with our friends Melodie and Becky. We stayed at a different hostel, but still close to downtown… and managed to pack in a lot into our weekend. The Farmer’s Market and North Beach were a highlight for me – loved taking photos of all of the fresh vegetables at the market, and it was just so windy on the beach. But the highlight was getting to visit Muir Woods. A client of mine offered to take us out there for the afternoon and treated us to a picnic in the woods. It was beautiful in there… just awe-inspiring to be so close to such wise old trees.

Yes… San Francisco – I will see you again.

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