Québec City, 400 years

By June 21, 2011Blog, Travel

Rob & I went to Québec City in 2008, which happened to coincide with their 400 year celebration. I had been there once before (with my parents when I was in high school), but it was Rob’s first time there. The weather was perfect, with only a little rain here and there. Walking through Old Town was a true pleasure – we loved the European feel and the wonderful architecture and cobblestone streets. When I’m there I like to imagine what it must have been like all those years ago.

Highlights of the week:

  1. After wandering the streets of Upper Town for an afternoon, Rob & I decided to have a bite to eat. We couldn’t decide where to go, so were randomly checking out menus at various restaurants. We finally decided on some pub food, and just as I reached for the door handle to go inside, my friend Lynn (who lived in Winnipeg at the time but was on a road trip to the East Coast) grabbed the door just before I did. We both sort of looked at each other in surprise, screamed, jumped up and down, gave each other a hug, and then all went in to eat a meal together. It was such a chance happening… I love those moments in life.
  2. With 2008 being Québec City’s 400th anniversary, there were a bunch of great events, art installations and performers that we got to see. The best of the best was ‘The Image Mill’ by Robert Lepage & Ex Machina. It was a multimedia presentation that told the story of the City of Québec. Throughout the summer of 2008, at nightfall, the work was projected onto the grain silos beside Bassin Louise in the city’s port. The enormous concrete structure was transformed into a huge projection screen, 600 metres long by 30 metres high. Click here to read up on it, see pictures, and watch the video clips. You’ll be inspired, I promise!
  3. Another 400th anniversary event was ‘Le Chemin qui marche’ at Baie de Beauport which was this free outdoor music event out on the beach at night. In addition to sitting on the beach watching the sunset, we got to see and dance to DJ Champion, Bran Van 3000 and Moby! Thousands of people attended and it was pretty fun to take part in it.
  4. We had some travel points, so we stayed in a really nice boutique hotel called Hotel 71. The modern decor, really friendly staff, yummy continental breakfast, free espressos, popcorn with movies, fancy rain shower, comfy bed/pillows and great location in Lower Town were fantastic!!!

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