There is no movement without rhythm

By April 29, 2011Blog, Culture, Music

Last night I took part in a drum workshop with Jordan Hanson of Hand Drum Rhythms (accompanied by Sam Lopez on bass drums). I haven’t been to a drum class in a couple of years now and I realized last night how much I miss drumming regularly. There is just such a sense of positive, fun energy that results out of playing these rhythms with a group.

Jordan told us about this video and I wanted to share it — it was created by brothers Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg and was filmed over the course of one month in Baro, Guinea, Africa. This is how they explain it:

Life has a rhythm, it’s constantly moving. The word for rhythm (used by the Malinke tribes) is FOLI. It is a word that encompasses so much more than drumming, dancing or sound. It’s found in every part of daily life. In this film you not only hear and feel rhythm but you see it. It’s an extraordinary blend of image and sound that feeds the senses and reminds us all how essential it is.

Dedicated to the people of baro.
Beautiful sound recording and sound design: Bjorn Warning
Translator and Rhythm specialist: Thomas Bonenkamp

With special thanks to the chief:
DJEMBEFOLA |: Mansa Camio

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